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We believe everyone needs or is in recovery of some kind at some level. Whether it's battling weight problems, heart disease, addictions, cancer, PTSD, bullies... (Read more)

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Too many people haven't shared their life testimonials because they simply may not know how. Or they think they are "not there yet". We think that''s just nonsense... Read More 

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We believe that one of the most effective elements in any recovery program are stories that inspire or help people recover. And Learning from Other People's Experiences (or "LOPE")... Read more


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We invite you to share your story of recovery or story that inspires. Or if you know of one we should Feature, we'll create a page just for you to share and we'll send it to our subscribers. 

Most inspirational speech ever (by Simon Sinek)!



An incredible guy with no arms and legs talks about overcoming hopelessness.

Learn how early parenting can help overcome hopelessness later in life...




Our feature story is a heartbreaking but inspirational true story about one North Korean boy who loses every single member of his biological family to starvation and unexplained disappearances, then discusses his personal choice to keep hope alive. 

   Watch Joseph talk to his lost biological family... 

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